kilimanjaro summit

Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895 m) is the highest walkable point in the world, it is called highest free Standing Mountain in the world and it is in Tanzania. Regardless the height Kilimanjaro is the world ’s one and only accessible high summit, with nearly all trekkers reaching the peak (Uhuru Peak) with just the walking stick, accurate clothing, and willpower.

Trekking Kilimanjaro is like taking climatic world expedition, from the steamy rain forest on the lower slopes and alpine moorland to an almost bare desert and in conclusion with the wintry Arctic summit, just 3 degrees south of the Equator.

Trekking Kilimanjaro can be done from six different routes: Lemosho, Umbwe, Shira, Rongai, Machame, and Marangu, which is the easier one. Depending on which route one wants to take, the standard Kilimanjaro trek can take between 5 to 6 nights on the mountain. The Marangu and Machame are the trekkers’ favorite routes. While the Marangu accommodation is in huts, the Machame route is camping right through. Apart from expert guides, cooks, and porters on your trek, no technical equipment is required.

Best Time To Trek Mount Kilimanjaro

Due to its closeness to the equator there is no extreme weather on the mountain Therefore Kilimanjaro can be trekked all year Long, however for more comfotable and enjoyable climb it is best to climb when there is no heavy rains(dry season).The dry seasons months are ;from January to mid-March from June to October and December The wet season months are when it is raining heavily which are;From Mid -March to May and November


Accommodation on Kilimanjaro mostly is camping except for trekkers who take Marangu route. Marangu route is the only route of all six route on Kilimanjaro Where you will be sleeping in the huts arranged in dormitory style.A few scenes of camping tents may be seen on this route but only for trekkers who are coming from Longai route who normally descend through Marangu route

Potters & Guides

Potters; Torch Adventures potters are simply the heavy weight champion of the mountain, their warfare is our priority. Our potters are the most important part of the crew, we train them to love what they do, making them the best companions on the mountain, they are friendly and charming.

Guides;Our guides are highly trained and qualified to lead your expedition, We call them the starring of the Mountain, they are both physically and mentally equipped to hand winning times and crisis on the mountain.

Food & Water

Food You will be amazed with the food served on mountain Kilimanjaro, our cooks are very skilled enough to provide the food quality that wiil leave you wondering and questioning….. “How do they do it?”. it is simply delicious and energizing for your dietary need on the mountain.

Water on Kilimanjaro is simply the fuel to your day to day trek, our cooks makes sure they provide you with clean boiled water before you start your days trek, however when you have utilized all the waters you may take the water from streams on Kilimanjaro, water on the high grounds of Kilimanjaro are clean,to be much safer you may bring water purifiers solutions just in case.