We are Tanzania local travel and tourism enthusiasts who love assisting travelers’ and tourists’ African Dream holiday and adventures come true. We work in association with hotels, Authorities, and other  tour companies in Tanzania and East Africa in General

What we Offer

Kilimanjaro Treks

We got the best rates in the market,send us an inquiry and let us surprise you with the offer

Wildlife Safaris

Let us Show you the comfort  found in the wilderness amidst unspoiled nature and the real wild animals

Zanzibar Archipelago

The Swahili costs will take you down the memory lane of magnificent past, plus you will get to enjoy the beaches

Cultural Tours

Wonder among more than 120 tribes ways of life and discover the most amazing styles of living

Welcome to Tanzania

Planning the legendary mysterious African Safari Holiday?…..let us help you,  Whether you are looking forward to taking a break from that routine of yours, that romantic gate away or exploring what is out here in the experience realm. look no further, as the matter of fact we got you  All you have to do is connect and allow us. We will make your Adventure in Tanzania and East Africa. Just like the name, our concern is to Torch out and guide you through the undiscovered beauty of beloved  Tanzania. From the north to the south promising you the wows!! of nature, culture, history and physical structures.  With our team of professional guides, are looking forward to making your holiday/vacation a memory that will last a lifetime and legacy to the future generations.


Why Choose us?

Responsible Tourism

We are making better lives to our surrounding community and visitors

Passionate Travel

We help our customers appreciate contrast by instilling the sense of awe and humility in their experiences.

Value For Money

We offer the best combination of price quality and sustainability to meet our customers’ requirement.

Diverse Destination

We are your one-stop East Africa Tour Agency

What is your kind of travel?


Break free from routine for a while and pamper yourself while celebrating life and your achievement, torch Adventure will show you how and guide you through Tanzania Attractions and moments that will motivate you to be the best version of yourself for the rest of your life 🙂

Add Value

Having Business in Tanzania or close by?.. Well! do not just leave without exproling the beauty that the country can offer. Take a day or more after your business meetings and wonder into the wildlife, Mingle with the locals, and reflect on the ways of life or simply look further to the available investment opportunities for you.

Remember Torch Adventures is Just the Agent for You 🙂

Brush Up

When the  thirst for knowledge Kicks in, Rejoice Because Torch Adventures is just here to quench it! Be it wild lives, Cultural anthropology or simply discovering yourself 🙂 Just connect and we will make sure you have a whole lot information enough to write the book  for the world to Experience through your eyes!

Help Out

Need to travel while sharing your blessings by volunteering your energy and resources? Torch Adventures  got you! We will show you where exactly you are needed in Tanzania Local community. From the childrens living in the Most vulnerable environments, to The sick, to the old age or groups that only need inspiration to move on in life.

welcome to Torch Adventures

Where dreams become reality

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